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Archibald's Adventures 1.07

Archibald’s Adventures has a mission to complete over 114 levels of play
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Archibald’s Adventure 1.0 is an action game that presents players with a mission to complete over 114 levels of play to meet the challenge of rescuing the main two characters from a mansion that they are trapped in, to win the game.

Using their mouse or keyboards as controls, players of Archibald’s Adventure 1.0 find themselves involved in a story-driven game that tells how a character named Professor Klumfus has completed a scientific experiment that has gone wrong, the result of which he has allowed strange life forms to escape from containment. This result has prompted the computer in the mansion to go into a state of alarm and the computer has locked down the mansion. The main character, Archie, a skateboarder, is stuck in the mansion with Professor Klumpfus and players are challenged to guide Archie through overcoming the obstacles of the game in order for them to get the computer to unlock the mansion.

In Archibald’s Adventure 1.0 the hero, Archie, can transport objects, ride on walls and ceilings and fly in a jet-propelled armchair. The game also features mysterious bubbles that players can use to switch or transport distant objects and AI matter to help solve riddles or puzzles, and many other unique features that add to the players experience of play are included in this graphic style action, platform game.

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  • 114 levels of play


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